Starting from the beginning

Located in the Jupiter area of Palm Beach county in south Florida, Shiny Prints was started in 2013 from a pure passion to create the best possible high end print possible. Like most great companies, Shiny Prints started in a garage. Printing on aluminum was not yet mainstream and there were many unknowns about the process and how to perfect it. Founder and COO, William Heinitz dedicated himself to focus on one product and do it better than anyone else. Shiny Prints started by working directly with local artists and photographers and received the most critical feedback possible which made it challenging at times to keep going. Overcoming those challenges and dealing with customers who had the highest expectations allowed Shiny Prints to grow and become one of the most trusted high-end metal print labs in the country.

Without an extensive printing background, one of the biggest challenges was credibility within the fine art industry. We needed someone who could relate to our customer's experiences and need. Shiny Prints brought in Matt Dee who has over 20 years of fine art printing and photo touch-up experience. Matt Dee brought instant credibility to Shiny Prints with his knowledge of the color management field. Matt Dee makes himself available to answer even the most complex questions regarding color matching, soft proofing and photo enhancement.

A different approach

While most run-of-the-mill labs focus on volume on many types of prints, we are one of the few high-quality labs that pay extra attention to detail and put quality way before quantity. Our attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship speaks for itself as most of our new customers come to us by word of mouth from our current and former clients. Every print we produce is an advertisement for Shiny Prints as our work clearly speaks for itself.

Since we only offer Metal Prints, it is important to have the absolute best possible materials and equipment in our production process. We only use the latest F-series line of dye sublimation printers by Epson that were specifically created for this process. This, combined with custom created print profiles that were made for this exact setup of paper/printer/press and working environment, we are able to achieve the most accurate and sharpest metal prints in the industry.

Building Relationships

Every customer has specific needs. We quickly learned that you can't fit every customer in a ready to go box. Our customers, especially professionals, have a certain routine they would like to adhere to and we always do our best to accommodate those needs. Whether it be after hour pickups, assisting in an art installation or custom projects, we always do our best to go the extra mile for our customers.

Making you feel at home

We are known for our hospitality. Our lab is your lab and we want all of our customers to feel at home when they come to place an order or pick one up. You will never be rushed out the door. We have a welcome gallery with a large production table that is perfect for signing prints, inspecting your order, or just organizing and preparing for your next event or show. We offer several types of markers and paint pens for artists to use to sign their work along with other material and equipment that we welcome our clients to use. When you walk into Shiny Prints, you will be greeted with a smile.

Going above and beyond the competition

We understand the need to be competitive as our industry grows which is why we offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry with a best price guarantee. We go as large as 48" x 96" in a single panel which only few labs in the country can match. We offer the most competitive pricing on custom size prints and all of our metal is CNC (computer numerical controlled) cut, not shear cut like the other labs which will result in a choppy edge that is more likely to chip and peel. Did I mention that we also offer the largest assortment of frames and backings? Don't see something on our website? Contact us and we can usually get you what you need.

We stand out from most labs with our direct and personal approach. We understand that your job is to create works of art, it is our job to make sure you're getting the best possible prints to represent your masterpieces. We offer 1-on-1 help and assistance to all our professional customers. We are more than happy to explain our process and what you need to get the best possible results.