Custom Sizes and CNC Die Cut Shapes

Tailored to fit your needs

Never limit your creative abilities by being forced to keep your print orders a standard size. There is nothing ordinary about Shiny Prints and we feel that way about our customers as well. Don't be forced into cropping out critical elements of your works of art, instead, go with any custom size your image dictates. From extreme panoramas to funky and creative shapes, we can go where most labs simply can't.

Our custom sizes will not cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, we offer the most competitive pricing in the metal prints industry for custom size prints at just 0.22 per square inch. Found a lower price elsewhere? Let us know so we can make sure we beat that too.

The custom size process

Ordering a custom size print is easy to do with our easy to follow ordering wizard. On the first step of the ordering process where you select your size, simply click on "custom size" which will be the last option. After clicking custom size, you will be presented with 2 dropdowns to select your custom width and custom height of your print. If your image is not already cropped, that is no problem, you can quickly and easily crop it on the next step of the process.

Get Creative with die cut shapes

Custom sizes not getting you all that excited? Well, then how about custom shapes! Using our CNC machine, we are able to cut our metal into any shape you can dream up. We work directly with artists for their custom shape projects so make sure you contact us so we can explain the process and what we need from you to get your custom die cut prints in the works for production.

Custom shapes will have you looking at your images in a whole new light. Have a really cool element in one of your photos but the rest of the image is lacking? Let's cut that element out and have it stand on its own as its own unique piece of art. Customers love cutting out and printing wildlife creatures into real works of art to hang. Stop by our gallery for some great examples.

Perfect for logo and outdoor signage

No other sign will beat the quality of a vivid shiny metal print. Have your logo come to life with an HD sign that pops with amazing rich color. Our signs make an impression and are actual pieces of art as opposed to your typical logo printed on cheap sign material from other companies. You want your business to be associated with quality and luxury. Shiny Print die-cut logos offer exactly that level of appearance.

Check out our Chromaluxe EXT offering that is perfect for outdoor signs and art displays. No other outdoor sign will come close to the quality of the exterior chromaluxe metal print. Our CNC capabilities can custom cut and mount your logo onto outdoor rated substrates for the best-looking sign in the industry.

For ordering custom shape prints, signs or displays, contact us today so we can plan your project accordingly and formulate a game plan that works best for you. Custom shapes start at $0.30 per square inch.

How to order a custom shape print

Since your order is likely to be truly unique, we will need you to contact us to discuss your project. We require that the shape is in a vector format that can be read by our CNC CAD software. This will likely involve tracing the image to create a vector drawing path that is compatible with our software. If you do not know how to trace in vector, we have in-house vector designers that can do this for you at a reasonable rate starting at just $30 for simple shapes and $80 for highly complex shapes.

Mounting and Hanging options for custom shapes

Just like your custom die cut shape print, there are unlimited potential options for finishing. There are also many options for hanging and backing the custom shape. These prints can simply be mounted like a regular print using one of our standard mounting and framing options, or they can be backed with a thicker material such as a foam core sheet for indoors or PVC for something that will hang outdoors. There is no limit on what material can be used, the maximum thickness is 2" which is more than ideal for most applications.

Turnaround time

Since custom die cut projects are always unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all template, the process will take more time than a standard or custom size print depending on the complexity of your project. Depending on complexity, communication and available materials, these prints can take on average 1-2 weeks to produce and ship.