Chromaluxe EXT for Outdoor Metal Print Installations

Available in any size up to 48" x 96", the Chromaluxe EXT panels are ideal for any outdoor application that requires a high-definition print combined with the durability of chromaluxe aluminum.

The Same Quality you come to expect from Chromaluxe HD Metal photo Panels

The Chromaluxe EXT panels offer the same HD vibrant quality as our standard chromaluxe HD metal panels, just with added UV inhibitors to withstand the outdoors.

Features and General Information

Uses/Applications: Outdoor Art, Outdoor Signage, Logo Sign or display, Outdoor Photography Displays, Outdoor Window Displays, Exterior White Board (Has dry erase properties)
Material Properties: Resistant to Graffiti, Chemicals, Scratches, Moisture, Wind.
Thickness: 0.045" or about 1mm.
Surface Options: White Gloss Only
Warranty: 3 Years for Signage/Vector Graphics. 2 Years for Photography.
Price: 20% more than non EXT

High End Prints without Limitations

Our Metal Prints are widely used by professional artists and photographers in galleries, art events and shows. Our aluminum panels were the most durable high end print available in the world with the one setback being that it was not 100% suitable for the outdoors. Now you no longer have to worry about selling to customers who want to buy art for their patios or other outdoor living spaces. Reach more people by showing large outdoor display advertisements without having to worry about it fading, warping or falling apart.

Revolutionizing the Sign Industry

Prior to Chromaluxe EXT panels, there was no HD Print option that was suitable for the outdoors. Signs are by its very nature created to attract attention to get people to notice. The glossy and vibrant metal prints will outshine and outperform every other sign substrate.

EXT Pricing

Size Price
8 x 8 $21.60
8 x 10 $24.00
8 x 12 $28.80
10 x 10 $31.20
10 x 20 $50.40
11 x 14 $33.00
12 x 12 $38.40
12 x 16 $60.00
12 x 18 $62.40
12 x 24 $78.00
12 x 36 $118.80
16 x 16 $64.80
16 x 20 $78.00
16 x 24 $94.80
16 x 48 $237.60
18 x 18 $100.80
18 x 24 $124.80
20 x 20 $122.40
20 x 24 $139.20
20 x 30 $154.80
20 x 40 $237.60
20 x 60 $360.00
24 x 24 $178.80
24 x 30 $238.80
24 x 36 $246.00
24 x 48 $321.60
30 x 30 $297.60
30 x 40 $312.00
30 x 45 $324.00
30 x 60 $480.00
32 x 48 $357.60
40 x 60 $598.80
48 x 48 $588.00
48 x 72 $816.00
48 x 96 $1068.00
Custom Size $0.264/sq.inch

EXT Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my image print differently than the non EXT option? Should I prepare my file any differently?

A. Your print will turn out exactly the same way as the non standard EXT option and there is nothing extra you need to do when preparing the file.

Q. How much does the EXT option cost?

A. The EXT option is 20% more than the non EXT version.

Q. Is there a longer turnaround time?

A. On average, it takes about a day longer to produce prints on the EXT option since it does not get ordered as frequently as the other surface options. If you have a large or custom order, please contact us for exact turnaround times.

Q. I show my prints at outdoor art shows and events, should I purchase the EXT option?

A. Artists have been displaying their metal prints at outdoor art shows for many years and I have never heard a complaint about one fading in the sun. We print for many artists in the South Florida area and there have never been any concerns. As long as the art is covered and does not receive extended direct sunlight for long periods of time, there is no need to pay extra for the EXT option since the non EXT options do have some UV inhibitors in them as well, just do not expect them to remain fade resistant during prolonged periods of time in the sun.

Q. How can I make sure I am receiving a EXT print and not just a regular metal print?

A. On the back of all the chromaluxe panels, there is a subtle stamp that can be seen in the right light that will display either "Chromaluxe" or "Chromaluxe EXT". Make sure you see the EXT indicator. This is how you know you're getting genuine Chromaluxe and not a generic, inferior brand.

Q. If someone writes on one of my prints outdoors with marker or spray paint, how can I remove it?

A. If someone has defaced one of your Chromaluxe prints, simple use denatured alcohol and a microfiber cloth to wipe it off. Acetone will work as well. You may need to apply a small amount of elbow grease.

Q. How do I mount an EXT print on a concrete or other outdoor wall?

A. The EXT prints have the same properties as any other of our surface options. You can hang them with our standard mounts and backings that we offer. You can also adhere the panels directly to a flat surface, just make sure its properly cleaned first and use VHB tape thats properly rated for the size and weight of the print. If you're mounting the print like a piece of art with the float hanger, it is recommended to utilize security screws so someone cant simply walk away with your print.

Q. Can you cut the EXT in a custom shape?

A. Yes. In fact, most of the applications for the EXT option are for custom cut signs and displays.