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The Shiny Prints Difference

Not all Metal Prints are created equally. There is a difference when comparing one lab to another and at Shiny Prints, our quality outshines the rest because we invest in the absolute best equipment and materials in every step of the process. We only use chromaluxe panels which is the industry standard for professional photographers and artists. There are simply no alternatives and all other options fall flat in comparison. Chromaluxe panels are proven to last over 65 years (source 1) (source 2).

We also only use the absolute highest quality printers in the industry, the F series Epson printers provide the sharpest and widest gamut prints for the dye sublimation industry (source). Other labs cut corners to maximize their profits by using converted printers and 3rd party inks which produce blurry and washed out prints. Avoid cheap looking wood backings and mounts that diminish the quality of the overall print. We only print on metal and we do it right, make sure you get it right the first time by choosing Shiny Prints.

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  • Custom Sizes & Shapes


    We don't just carry the largest selection of standard sizes, we can also custom cut any size print and shape at the most competitive rate in the industry. For custom shapes, please contact us.

  • Best Price Guaranteed


    We have the lowest prices for HD chromaluxe metal prints in the industry, but if you do happen to see a lower advertised price, let us know and we will match it!

  • Quality Guaranteed


    Not all metal prints are HD. We only use top of the line chromaluxe aluminum panels. Don't be deceived by other labs that use different processes or metal, chromaluxe is the industry standard for high end prints for artists and photographers. We CNC cut our aluminum panels for a mirror finish. Never settle for shear cut panels.

  • Best Equipment


    We only use the absolute best industrial equipment and materials to create your prints. Our Epson F-Series line of printers were specifically manufactured for the dye sublimation process and offers the sharpest prints in the industry along with the widest color gamut. Do not settle for a lab that uses converted printers with aftermarket inks.

  • Vibrant Colors


    Unlike most labs who only support the sRGB color space, we let your colors glow and shine with the larger adobe1998 color space. Our profiles are regularly calibrated to ensure the most accurate and true colors to a calibrated monitor.

  • Different Display Options


    We offer a wide assortment of backings and mounts which are all made from aluminum. Float mounts and box mounts are included at no extra charge, upgrade to a frame mount, tuxedo mount or edge mount.

  • Large Prints


    Our capabilities allow us to print as large as a 48" x 96" and 48" x 72" for your standard 2:3 ratio prints in a single sheet, even larger for multi panel prints. Have confidence knowing you will never outgrow your print lab.

  • Pro Pricing


    We cater to professionals by not only having the best quality and pricing, but we also have special pricing for our professional customers who resell their art. If you're a professional artist or a photographer who is in the business of selling their prints, request your account be upgraded to pro pricing.

The Big Picture

Want to go large? We got your back. We offer high quality large format printing all the way up to 4x8'

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