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Luxury high-definition metal prints


Luxury high-definition metal prints
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Metal Prints

Luxury HD Metal Prints without cutting corners. See the difference.
Not all Metal Prints are created equally. There is a difference when comparing one lab to another and at Shiny Prints, our quality outshines the rest because we invest in the absolute best equipment and materials in every step of the process. We only use ChromaLuxe panels which are the industry standard for professional photographers and artists. There is simply no alternative and all other options fall flat in comparison. ChromaLuxe panels are proven to last over 65 years (source 1) (source 2).
We also only use the absolute highest quality printers in the industry, the F-series Epson printers provide the sharpest and widest gamut prints for the dye sublimation industry (source). Other labs cut corners to maximize their profits by using converted printers and 3rd party inks which produce blurry and washed out prints. We elevate the integrity of our products by avoiding cheap looking wood backings and mounts that diminish the quality of the overall print. We only print on metal and we do it right. Make sure you get it right the first time by choosing Shiny Prints.

Choose from an assortment of high quality metal mounts

Why choose metal over other printing

Above everything else, you want a substrate that makes your photos stand out! Prints made on ChromaLuxe metal panels create visually stunning pieces.
While aluminum prints are best known for their use in the fine art industry, they also work incredibly well for signage purposes used in both indoor and outdoor settings (see our EXT option).
Metal prints are more scratch resistant than anything else available on the market. They are waterproof, they will not rust, and they can be placed in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces.
Metal prints can be framed in any standard wood or aluminum frame, or they can be edge mounted for a more finished look.
Metal Prints

Outdoor Metal Prints

The Chromaluxe EXT panels offer the same HD vibrant quality as our standard chromaluxe HD metal panels, just with added UV inhibitors to withstand the outdoors. Available in any size up to 48" x 96", the Chromaluxe EXT panels are ideal for any outdoor application that requires a high-definition print combined with the durability of chromaluxe aluminum.

Durable Resistant to Graffiti, Chemicals, Scratches, Moisture, Wind.
High Quality Prints Same HD vibrant quality as our standard chromaluxe HD metal panels
Extended Sizing Available in any size up to a massive 48" x 96"
ShinyPrints Warranty Up to 3 years ShinyPrints x Chromaluxe warranty.

What sets shiny prints apart

We Only Print On Metal
Every square inch of our production facility is dedicated to this process, which allows us to devote our time and attention to perfecting this specific type of printing.
We Work With Professional Artists
Professionals demand the best, and we know how to deliver. Rest assured, Shiny Prints is accustomed to working with professionals who demand quality - and we make sure that we deliver.
We Support Our Clients
We do everything we can to make sure our clients have a positive experience. We stand by every one of our products and will replace any print that is deemed defective, or that was produced in error on our end.
We Are Pioneers Of The Industry
We have been printing on aluminum for longer than most labs. Several labs outsource to Shiny Prints because they trust our experience and expertise. We have the ability to produce large quantities of work with the same precision and care that we offer for custom and creative projects.


Custom Sizes & Shapes
We don't just carry the largest selection of standard sizes, we can also custom cut any size print and shape at the most competitive rate in the industry.
Quality Guaranteed
Not all metal prints are HD. We only use top of the line ChromaLuxe aluminum panels. Don't be deceived by other labs that use different processes or inferior metal.
The most Vibrant Colors
Unlike most labs who only support the sRGB color space, we let your colors glow and shine with the larger adobe1998 color space.
We Go Big
Our capabilities allow us to print as large as a 48" x 96" and 48" x 72" for your standard 2:3 ratio prints in a single sheet, even larger for multi panel prints.
The Best Prices Guaranteed
We have the lowest prices for HD ChromaLuxe metal prints in the industry, but if you do happen to see a lower advertised price, let us know and we will match it!
Best Equipment in the Industry
We only use the absolute best industrial equipment and materials to create your prints. Our Epson F-Series line of printers offer the sharpest prints in the industry.
Different Display Options
We offer a wide assortment of backings and mounts which are all made from aluminum.
PRO Pricing
We cater to professionals by not only having the best quality and pricing, but we also have special pricing for our professional customers who resell their art.

Frequently asked questions

Any image can be printed on metal and be called a “metal print,” but quality varies from business to business. At Shiny Prints we create high quality metal prints that are vibrant and detailed. Our quality metal prints are produced on ChromaLuxe panels using a dye sublimation process. These prints can be found in art galleries, high-end boutiques, and craft shows; they capture your attention with their amazing range of color, depth, and detail. Shiny Prints is an authorized ChromaLuxe Lab; therefore we guarantee the highest quality metal prints on the market.

We use Dye Sublimation on high-quality ChromaLuxe aluminum panels. The ChromaLuxe aluminum is the highest quality aluminum panel made specifically for dye sublimation. What makes a ChromaLuxe panel superior to everything else is its high quality coating that absorbs the ink and results in a HD print that can't be matched by any other printing medium.

Pro Pricing is a permanent discount for professional photographers and artists. To qualify for pro pricing you would need one of the following. A website with a working shopping cart, Resale Tax ID, proof that you sell at a gallery, retail location, or shows.

We offer contract rates to industry professionals and we will be glad to give you the most competitive rates in the industry. Please contact us today so we can offer you a proposal. If you currently have contract rates with another lab, please include those prices so we can be sure to beat it!

we are trusted by professionals

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