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Surface Options

White Gloss - Our most popular surface option. The smooth glossy finish above the pure white background gives your photos that luxurious feel. If you want your images to shine and be as accurate as possible, or if this is your first time ordering an aluminum print, you can never go wrong with white gloss. Best suited for photographers and contemporary artists.

White Matte - For those who wish to have the quality and luxury without the shine, go with a Matte White option. Ideal for family portraits and artwork.

Clear Gloss - For those a bit adventurous, the clear gloss finish gives your prints a real metallic feel. There is no white background here, so whites in images will come out silver as the aluminum will shine through. This gives a great effect for photos and artwork.

Clear Matte - Same as the Clear Gloss but without the shine.

If you have any questions about any of our surface options, please dont hesitate to contact us.