Mounts and Backings

Table Top Easel
For prints up to 8x10 in size, the easel mount stands your print on any desk or table. Easels are free with any order 8x10 and smaller. Easel mounts also include an option to hang on a wall with a single nail.

Aluminum Box Mount
Our standard size wall mount accomodates prints where both dimensions are 30 inches or less. Made entirely out of aluminum, our aluminum box mount offers strong adhesion to our prints and provide backing support for medium sized prints. Comes with a single hole in the middle to make for fast and easy hanging. Bumper guards are placed in all 4 corners of the mount to allow air to flow freely through the backing as well as offer stabilization on the wall.

Aluminum Frame Mount
Made out of anondized aluminum hollow bars, our aluminum frame mount is specifically made for larger prints where one dimension is larger than 30 inches. Our frame mount prevents your large prints from bowing/flexing as well as provides a high adhesion to the back of your aluminum print. Consisting of 4 aluminum bars welded together, the frame mount is extremely rigid, flat and will not degrade over time unlike foam, MDF and wood based backing that can suck moisture from the air and walls and deteriorate over time. You want a backing that is as tough as your print, why would you go with anything less than aluminum? Our aluminum frame mounts also make it easy to mount to your wall using a cleat type hanging system. Simply screw the wall attachment where you want to hang your print, use the provided bubble level to ensure it will be straight, then simply slide your print in. Your large print will not slide or come ajar while on your desired hanging area.