Dropshipping Metal Prints Created: Jun 10, 2024 Written by Matt Dee

We know how important order fulfillment is for our professionals, which is why we offer white label dropshipping at no extra charge. Any order that is placed on our website that has a different shipping address than the billing address will automatically be filled as a drop shipped order.
Our white label drop shipping offers:
  • No invoice will be placed inside the package.
  • No identifying marks of our business will be placed in or on the package.
  • Shiny Prints will not be mentioned anywhere on the package or shipping label

What is the difference between white label dropshipping and regular dropshipping?

White label dropshipping means we do not even put our company name on the shipping label. Our address will be in the sender section of the shipping label as anything that’s damaged will need to be returned to us. We use a generic name of “Metal Prints Lab” as the shipper name to keep things discreet and anonymous.

Standard dropshipping will include invoices, receipts and branding information on and inside the package. Regular drop shipped prints are not for professionals and will show your customer where the metal print was produced.

What is the difference between Print on Demand (POD) and Dropshipping?

Print on demand is the term for items that are being filled by a print lab where their customer supplies the design.  Print on Demand is a service offered by print labs for artists to do their fulfillment.  There are two steps to printable goods, the artwork and the print work.  Shiny Prints is a print lab and as such, we take care of printing the artwork that is provided to us.  Print on Demand is simply a technical term that print labs use to describe their dropshipping.  It is dependent on each print lab as to whether their fulfillment is done white label or non white label. 


Dropshipping FAQ

Can I choose to have my name or business name as the shipper name?

We do not offer this as an option because it would take too much time to change for every order and it can confuse the shipment carrier if they need to return to sender.  The return sender name will be listed as "Metal Prints lab" to keep things discreet and professional.

Can I put my own invoice or marketing materials inside the package?

We do not currently offer this service as we try to get out each and every order in a timely fashion and doing this for multiple customers would greatly slowdown our fulfillment and turnaround times.

Can I use my own Fedex or UPS account to ship my metal prints?

We do not offer this as a shipping option due to the inconvenience it would cause on our shipping department along with the fact that the prints would no longer be properly protected by our insurance.

What about local deliveries?

For large local orders, we may deliver to your customer directly.  We will deliver in our white commercial van that does not have our business name on it anywhere.  One of our workers will deliver it directly and they will not be wearing any shirts that would identify where they work.