Benefits of Custom Size Metal Prints

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Metal prints come in many shapes and sizes. You also get to choose the printing surface, finish, mounting, and backing. Compared with traditional prints, metal prints are resistant, don’t fade in time, and provide a sleek modern look that fits all photographic genres. They seem the perfect choice from all points of view. 

But should you choose metal prints for artistic projects that require custom sizes and shapes? Some people are reticent when it comes to cutting metal panels in complex shapes. But the answer is definitely yes. Custom size metal prints provide all the benefits of custom size traditional prints and add the unique style and usability of metal prints. Using state-of-the-art technology, you can get a beautiful finish (shiny or matte) with vivid colors and precise details in any shape and size you need. Check out the benefits for which we strongly recommend the custom size metal prints.

Create the Best Design for Your Photo Prints

We love to accommodate our customers and support them in their artistic projects. And photographers and designers in particular, can’t be limited to rectangular standard-size metal prints. They need the creative freedom to tailor each design and choose what is best for showcasing their photographs and bringing to life their ideas. 

Custom size metal prints allow our customers to decide every aspect of the metal print and create the artwork they’ve imagined. We rely on our CNC machine to precisely cut the aluminum substrate in any shape and size. And we work closely with the artist to make sure we meet their highest expectations.

Custom die cut prints encourage artists to be creative and make the most of their photographs and designs. For example, you can emphasize the subject of a photograph by creating a metal print with its shape. Or you can enhance the message of a design by creating a metal print with a meaningful form.


Image by stockking on Freepik

Custom shape projects are unique and require a lot of creativity and craftsmanship. We are more than happy to provide our expertise and support throughout the process and work together with the artist to create impressive artwork. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your work transforming dreams into reality.

Meet the Brief and Impress Your Client

Sometimes you are commissioned to create a print of a certain size and shape. For example, you may need to decorate a space using a particular style and meet a strict brief. What looks good on a kitchen wall doesn’t look the same in a fancy office space or someone’s living room. Furthermore, advertising panels may have even stricter requirements. For example, you may need to print the same photograph or design in several dimensions, all non-standard, from panorama to 20″ x 30″.

However, custom size metal prints are décor items you can tailor according to your requirements. You don’t have to worry about the size. We do large prints as well as small ones with standard and non-standard dimensions. You can benefit from the same materials and high-quality printing methods and produce pieces of different sizes, a roundabout body of work that fits your campaign’s purpose and makes your client happy.

The advantage of using custom size metal prints is that we preserve the clarity and sharpness of the photograph regardless of the print’s size. The exquisite image quality of metal prints comes in handy here too. You benefit from stylish perfect-clear vibrant metal prints in any shape and size.


Photo by Kristyna on Unsplash

Design Personalized Logo and Outdoor Signage

Metal prints aren’t just for interior design. You can hang them outside without worrying about fading colors or water deterioration. They are made of aluminum panels thus, don’t rust. They will look like new for up to 60 years. Therefore, one of the main benefits of custom size metal prints is the possibility of designing personalized brand logos and outdoor signage.


Photo by Brianna Tucker on Unsplash

You can use any photograph or graphic design and create the perfect logo. Add the shininess and vividness of metal prints, an original die cut shape, and a personalized size, and you have an artful sign that captures everyone’s attention. It may become a collectible in no time.

For outdoor-use metal prints, we recommend our Chromaluxe Outdoor Panels. They resist weather and direct sunlight but also chemicals and graffiti. You can clean them with a standard microfiber cloth. Chromaluxe Outdoor is the perfect choice for outdoor logos and signs, art displays, and advertising panels.

Increase the Commercial Value of Your Photo Prints

When you sell your photographs as small edition prints, every detail matters. The print’s value depends on the quality and artistry of your photograph, of course, but also on the printing method, substrate, usability, and overall design. A small edition print shouldn’t fade in time or look like thousands of other prints. It needs to be unique, resistant, and eye-catching.

Custom size metal prints help you provide the best products to your audience. They increase the value of your photo prints and respect the authenticity of your work. For example, our specialists work closely with the photographers and solve any issue regarding color matching, soft proofing, and photo enhancement. The print has to capture the beauty and personality of the photograph, and we make sure it does.

We also use only high-quality substrates and the best equipment to ensure our metal prints flatter your photographs and stand the test of time. Our last-generation Epson dye sublimation printers create impeccable HD metal prints in any shape and size. When you commit to quality over quantity, your public will notice and appreciate your work even more.

Enjoy Unlimited Mounting and Hanging Options

Another benefit of custom size metal prints is how versatile they are in terms of mounting and hanging. You can treat them like regular prints and use a standard mounting and framing, but you can also be creative and choose something different. For example, we can back a custom-shaped metal print with a thick material (up to 2″), such as a foam core sheet or PVC, which allows you to hang it indoors or outdoors on any wall type.

Our mounting offer for rectangular custom size metal prints is also generous. There is the practical Box Mount for small prints; the Premium Frame Mount that sits your print 3/4″ off the wall so that the back is visible; the Edge Mount for a luxurious 1.3″ thick profile with the signature Backstamp service available; and the Tuxedo Mount with a 1/4″ thick black polystyrene backing that protects the edges of the print when transported and displayed in different places. Although some mounts look better on small print formats than on large ones or vice versa, there are enough options to fit any size and design you can imagine.


Metal prints are not only artful and resistant, but they are also versatile. Technology allows us to cut metal in any shape smoothly, enlarge photos without losing sharpness and detail, and print on aluminum substrates with high accuracy. With the help of a dedicated and knowledgeable printing expert, you can bring to life your most creative and daring ideas. 

Not all your photographs should be printed on rectangular pieces of paper, just like not all your designs should have standard sizes. Feel free to experiment and trust that custom size metal prints can deliver whatever you may imagine. Furthermore, they will not fade in time and will continue to tell your story.

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