Metal Prints as Wall Art

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Some people are reluctant to consider metal prints artworks, but that is either because they don’t know what metal prints are or what benefits they have over traditional prints. And they miss a lot. Once you understand that metal prints are as versatile and customizable as any other print, once you see for yourself their vividness and high level of detail, it’s impossible to resist them. 

That’s why many of the metal prints we produce for our customers are wall art and decorate their homes, offices, and commercial spaces or help them showcase their photographs in art galleries. Using metal prints as wall art is not only a promise of quality and durability but also an artistic statement.

What Is Wall Art?

Wall art represents any form of decorative artwork that hangs on a wall. From classic paintings to decorative masks and sculptures to prints of any kind to dry flower arrangements, anything that embellishes the space and looks well on a wall classifies as wall art. Although its first function is decorative, wall art may also have a commercial function (e.g., advertising panels in travel agencies, design samples in architecture offices, etc.).

Wall art can have any shape, dimension, and material as long as the wall supports its weight and the design matches the space. It may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional; framed or not framed; glossy, matte, or see-through. 

You can also use wall art to create a gallery wall and mix several types of wall art, such as prints, mosaics, and woodwork. The good news is you can always reconfigure, redesign, and adjust the decorative items you choose to hang on your walls. As a result, your space will look fresh, modern, and up-to-date with its current use.


Photo by Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash

The Benefits of Using Metal Prints as Wall Art

When one compares metals prints and traditional prints, one notices that metal prints have all the qualities of traditional prints (e.g., decorative aspect, accurate representation of the original photograph, design versatility, easiness of purchasing, price, etc.) but also plenty of additional benefits, such as durability and extended usability. In the particular case of wall art, metal prints excel as well. Here are the most important benefits of using metal prints as wall art:

Modern Aspect

Compared with canvas, acrylic, or paper prints, metal prints offer a more modern aspect and fit better contemporary home design and commercial spaces. The sleek and vibrant look of metal prints complements a minimalist design, too. And, if you choose one of our silver substrate options (glossy or matte), you achieve an industrial look with exposed aluminum that looks great in office buildings and enhance the industrial design of a commercial space, such as a laboratory or photo studio.

Framed and Frameless Options

You can choose to frame a metal print just like a traditional print, using a wood or metal frame. However, you don’t have to. Metal prints can be edge-mounted, meaning the edge mount frame adheres your print to the edge of the backing. The result is frameless wall art. Our edge mount option, for example, is 1.3″ thick and offers a luxurious and minimalist wall art look.

Go Big

Other substrate types, such as canvas, glass, or acrylic, are fragile and don’t permit large prints. Furthermore, they also fade in time, which makes them inefficient and expensive. You don’t want to replace a large wall art too often. So if you have a large design in mind, choose metal prints.

We create metal prints as large as 48″ x 96″ and 48″ x 72″ for your standard 2:3 ratio prints in a single sheet. You don’t have to work with multi-panel prints and worry about hiding edges or incorporating them in your design. Creating a small 8″ x 12″ wall art for your home snug or a large 48″ x 96″ one for an exhibition hall is equally easy and enjoyable. And if you actually want multi-panel wall art, we can go even bigger than that and provide customized dimensions to match your design.


Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

Hang It Anywhere You Want

Where do you want to hang the wall art? If you need to decorate a space with low humidity and controlled conditions where direct sunlight doesn’t reach the wall, a canvas print may work just fine. But if you want to decorate a place with moisture (e.g., a kitchen, bathroom, industrial space) or direct sunlight or don’t control the environment (e.g., commercial spaces), metal prints do a better job as wall art. 

They don’t fade and are moisture-resistant. They don’t lose their vivid colors and exquisite quality even in heavy-duty spaces. Furthermore, metal is a better choice for places with high-hygiene requirements, such as hospitals, schools, and food-processing spaces, because they won’t harbor germs.

So think carefully about the usability and durability of the wall art you purchase. Art décor shouldn’t be just beautiful and conceptually interesting; it should also be functional and adapted to the space it decorates.


Photo by Fred Kleber on Unsplash

Easy Cleaning

It may seem that how you clean your wall art is not as important as the design. In many cases, the decorator doesn’t do the cleaning. However, cleaning options influence its appearance and durability.

Usually, a canvas or paper print can only be dusted with a clean, dry cloth. You must have patience and care to avoid tearing the print, washing off the colors, or leaving marks. In addition, you can never be sure of the result. If the print is under a protective glass, the cleaning is easier, but the aesthetic suffers (glass is reflective and may change the accuracy of colors).

With metal prints, the cleaning process is effortless and efficient. All you have to do is wipe the print with a damp cloth. You don’t have to worry about washing off the colors or ruining it in any way. We use only high-quality Chromaluxe HD aluminum panels and the Epson F series line of dye sublimation printers to ensure the metal prints won’t fade in time or during cleaning. Our metal prints are water-resistant and dust-proof.

How to Buy Wall Art

The first thing you need when you buy wall art is a high-resolution photograph or graphic design. You can use, of course, your own photographs and designs, but you can also find something useful and artful in stock libraries. 

Especially when your purpose is decorating a space and not showcasing your work, stock libraries prove to be a faster and more efficient option. They provide a wide variety of images and have you covered for all types of project, from commercial to personal. Furthermore, although there are many good paid stock libraries, there are also very good free stock libraries, such as pexels, Pixabay, Freestock, and Unsplash. And if you prefer to change the design often and don’t have a large budget, free stock libraries are optimal starting points.

Then, decide on size, material, framing, and printing technique. Compromise neither on quality nor design. You can always find customizable options, both in size and shape. So let your creativity run wild and design something unique that makes your space look incredible.

The Create Wizard

Our Create Wizard guides you step by step through the entire process. Furthermore, you can preview how dimensions and aspect ratio (Wide, Square, or Custom) affect the print, crop the image accordingly, and get the final resolution (DPI). We also let you choose the crop type (Auto, Horizontal, or Vertical), surface, mount, and Backstamp. 

Furthermore, if you need assistance with color enhancement, our experts will adjust the white balance and colors for optimal printing. Create Wizard shows the price for each configuration, thus you know exactly what you purchase. Previewing the result of your design choices and having a price to work with helps you a lot.


That’s why the last step is to thoroughly consider your printing service options. Sourcing a high-quality image and creating an appealing design is not enough. You need to print it in a trustworthy studio that puts quality first, takes time to discuss your options with you, and gives you the best advice. At Shiny Prints, our motto is “best possible high-end print possible.” We aim to make you feel at home, build meaningful relationships, and share our passion for metal prints. Our ordering process is simple and intuitive, providing you with all the details you need and offering valuable previews and expertise. You can even make your dimension and format decisions with the wizard’s help because you see exactly what is possible for your image. So choose Shiny Prints to create artful metal prints that look amazing in any space.



Wall art has the power to transform a space from a dull and ordinary one into a modern and purposeful one. It captures the artist’s personality and the space’s vibe into a unique artwork, willing to tell its story to everyone who enters the room. To all these, metal prints add character, show respect for quality and sustainability, and enhance the story with their vibrant layer of craftsmanship and dedication. Choose wisely, and the wall art will become a dynamic and inviting piece.

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